The Oxford Baptist Church was founded in November 1890, when forty members of First Baptist church were granted letters of transfer to begin a second Baptist church on the corner of Oxford and Hunter Streets. By 1900, the church had grown to 142 members.

In 1958 the people of Oxford Baptist Church planted a daughter work, which would become known as Huron Park Baptist Church.  A recommendation was passed which came from the combined meeting of the Deacons' Board of O.B.C. and a nucleus of the Huron Park Baptist group, "That the members of Oxford Street Church interested in identifying themselves with Huron Park Baptist work organize as a Fellowship group and then make plans for calling a pastor on a temporary basis." 

In 1960, only two years after the opening of the new Huron Park Baptist Church, a major building program was launched at O.B.C., which was to include a new educational building where the house east of the church used to stand, and a new church auditorium.  The official opening and dedication service took place on Sunday morning, February 3, 1963

Since it's early beginnings, O.B.C. has obeyed the divine command of Jesus Christ to "go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation".  Over the years many members have answered the call to serve their Lord as missionaries in distant locations such as Africa, Europe, and South America.  Others have been called to full-time service here in Canada.

In 1990 O.B.C. celebrated 100 years of God's faithfulness.  On that occasion these words were recorded., "As we conclude this history of one hundred years of praise and progress; in the annals of O.B.C., we thank God for his past blessings and continued care for us.