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Monday to Friday  ~ 
 January 7th –to January 11th
 11 am & 7 pm
(Various people leading
 these hourly prayer times)
Saturday, January 12th
 9 am to 4 pm
A day of fasting and prayer
Prayer Group Leaders:
Monday, January 7th:              11:00 am              Mary Pifer
                                                  7:00 pm              Veronica Hoiting
Tuesday, January 8th                 11:00 am              Paul Armstrong
                                                  7:00 pm              Tyler Bowles
Wednesday, January 9th            11:00 am              Pastor Barry Hawkins
                                                  7:00 pm              Pastor Robin Pifer
Thursday, January 10th             11:00 am              Margaret Bigham
                                                  7:00 am               Ron Cole
Friday, January 11th                  11:00 am              Pastor Robin Pifer
                                                  7:00 pm              Jayson Nugteren
Saturday, January 12th                9:00 am               Pastor Robin Pifer
                                                10:00 am              Pastor Barry Hawkins
                                                11:00 am              Dave Armstrong
                                                12:00 pm              (1/2 hour break or time alone                                                                                 to pray)
                                                12:30 to 2:00 pm   Nick Smidts
                                                2:00 pm                Jeff Jansen
                                                3:00 pm                Pastor Robin Pifer