At Oxford Baptist Church, we believe missions are an integral part of church life and work. It is not merely a separate section or department of church activity. Instead, it is at the core of what Oxford is all about: a relationship with Jesus that changes everything. Spiritual gifts are given to each believer within the church for the specific task of equipping one another to do God’s work. A vital part of that work is to “go and make disciples of all nations”, that is, evangelism. We desire to see others experience God, to exalt God and to embrace those of like precious faith.   The Oxford community is rich in resources which far exceed its needs. As a community, we are stewards of those resources and we are challenged by the Great Commission to go out, beyond the borders of our community, to join with Christ in His work of saving lost souls. At Oxford we want to join our resources, with which we have been blessed, in a way that builds up relevant evangelical Christian institutions which are likely to have a long term impact for the growth of the Kingdom.  

Missions Team Members:

Allison Henkel                                                     

Rosalie Wark

Andrew Clark                                                  

Stephen Uchacz